Our People

The stories of Spartanburg are the stories of its people, and we’re excited to share the stories of just some of the folks who make Downtown Spartanburg the welcoming, exciting place it is today.


Frankie Zombie always connects his art to his community. Known for his colorful work and eclectic style, Frankie has worked with names like John Legend and Miley Cyrus. Locally, his art can be found on one of Downtown Spartanburg’s Creative Crosswalks, and inside RJ Rockers Brewing Co.



Anyone who has been to the Hub City Bookshop knows There’s Only One Betsy Teter. Betsy’s years of work put the Hub City Bookshop, Hub City Press and the Hub City Writer’s Project on the map, earning acclaim across the Southeast.



Downtown Spartanburg is a dining destination, in case the feature in Food & Wine Magazine didn’t make it obvious.

Raj Patel has been a leading force in Spartanburg’s emergence as a player in the culinary game. It has been awesome to see Spartanburg grow one delicious dish at a time, and Raj plans to keep that growth cooking.

“I love this town, and I will do whatever I can to see this town grow.”



The story of much of Spartanburg’s investment is the story of George Dean Johnson.

George is a lifelong Spartanburg resident who has helped bring Spartanburg to where it is now, a growing destination for talented young professionals looking to make a name for themselves at cutting-edge companies.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if other cities will be looking to Spartanburg to see what they’re doing and be modeling that soon.”