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Downtown Itinerary: Tashma

Tashma Glymph is a Spartanburg native, community activist, mother, speech therapist and more. She is CEO of Tashma Talks, LLC, where she teaches children how to talk back, in a good way, as a Certified Speech Therapist. When she isn’t working, volunteering across the county, or consulting with clients, Tashma enjoys spending time supporting the small businesses of Downtown Spartanburg.

Get Tashma’s guide to a perfect day downtown, or build your own using the shopping and dining options available in Downtown Spartanburg.

Most of the explorations my daughter, Kirsten, and I take around Downtown Spartanburg start at Little River Coffee Bar. Her go-to is a cappuccino, while my order is admittedly a little more involved – a white-chocolate mocha with almond milk. (A mouthful to order, but delicious.)

Once we’ve had some caffeine, we would visit the Hub City Bookshop right next store. The bookshop is one of our favorite places in all of Spartanburg, especially for me, having spent time in and around education during my career.

I love browsing Hub City’s collection of African-American and women authors, particularly from around the Southeast. Kirsten would be searching for any mystery or suspense book that piqued her interest.

After a stop into the bookstore, I really enjoy soaking up the energy downtown. The progress Spartanburg has made over the last few years is really evident when you can go into the city center and feel an energy that didn’t used to be there.

I personally really enjoy the Creative Crosswalks, which make even crossing the street a way to take in public art. There’s also a great deal of really great shops and boutiques that feature products made by local artists, craftspeople and merchants. You never know what you might find on a shopping trip downtown!

We also love utilizing Barnet Park and all of the walkable space downtown has to offer to stretch our legs.

It’s a newer restaurant, but Kirsten and I enjoy eating at Burgar on Main Street. (Burgar features regular and specialty adult milkshakes along with its gourmet burgers, featuring a long list of toppings covering everything from pickled jalapenos and Pico de Gallo to shrimp).

I really like their Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich, which has grilled chicken with tomato and pineapple, onions, cheese and a delicious chipotle sauce. And Kirsten is a big fan of their wings.

After a meal, we both want something sweet. Two of our favorite places for a treat downtown are Hub City Scoops or Smallcakes Spartanburg. Everything at Smallcakes is delicious but two of our all-time favorites are the Key Lime and Red Velvet cupcakes.

Our favorite time downtown is spent around food, exploring and supporting the places that make our city great.

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