Beating the Heat in Downtown Spartanburg

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Beating the Heat in Downtown Spartanburg

Barnet Park's Splash Pad

The summertime heat is on in Downtown Spartanburg, but there are ways to beat it. If you’re looking for family-friendly ways to stay cool, check out some of the best options around Downtown Spartanburg, featuring cool splashes of water, sweet treats, and more!


At the entrance of Barnet Park just across from the Chapman Cultural Center sits a splash pad that’s totally free! The pad is open from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Sunday. It’s a perfect place to cool off some before heading to dinner downtown.

There’s no shade in this area of Barnet Park, though, so make sure you’re ready to reapply that SPF and have a pair of flip flops handy (the cement in other areas of the park can get very hot). Pack along buckets or water-friendly toys for the kids to enjoy if you stop by Barnet Park’s splash pad.


Family owned and operated; Hub City Scoops has only grown in popularity since it opened. The ice cream shop offers all its flavors in cups, bowls, cones, and sweet tooth-soothing chocolate-dipped cones.

If you can’t make up your mind (or just want to sample several flavors) Hub City Scoops offers ice cream flights. Yes, you read that right. Ice cream flights, featuring four flavors to try and share (although you don’t have to share).

Hub City Scoops’ full menu, including milkshakes and other specialty desserts, can be found at their website.



Inside the historic Aug W. Smith Building, Spill the Beans is churning up ice cream specialties, and serving up great iced coffee to give you a little caffeine with your cooldown.

The coffee house and creamery blends up ice cream with coffee and espresso options to create delicious treats that are perfect to combat the heat no matter the time of day.


For a truly extravagant sweet treat, Rocky Moo is there. Rocky Moo brings fresh-baked cookies and brownies together with cold, sweet ice cream for delicious ice cream sandwiches. (And who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich?)

Everything at Rocky Moo is customizable. You can pick the top and bottom of your sandwich, the flavor of ice cream you want in the middle, and if you want the cookies, brownies, or Belgian waffles warmed! (A warm cookie and cold ice cream is a hard combo to beat.)

If this sounds like a lot, we understand. Luckily, Rocky Moo has their menu online so you can scout your sweets before ordering.

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