A Downtown Spartanburg Staycation

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A Downtown Spartanburg Staycation

A Downtown Spartanburg staycation can be the exact step out of the ordinary you need without breaking the bank or extensive travel. This itinerary showcases how easily you can spend a weekend without leaving the heart of the Hub City. And best of all, it can be used year-round.


AC Hotel Spartanburg

AC Hotel

Sitting directly across West Main Street from RJ Rockers Brewing Co., the AC Hotel Spartanburg offers modern, sleek and welcoming rooms. The AC makes all of downtown easily accessible.

The AC features a collection of fine art by artists associated with Black Mountain College in partnership with The Johnson Collection. The pieces are displayed in the lobby of the hotel, where you’ll also find a modern bar offering several handmade cocktail options.

Spartanburg Marriott

The Spartanburg Marriott also provides easy access to all of Downtown Spartanburg, with its accommodating, sizeable rooms. The Marriott also boasts in-house restaurants Sparks Fire-Inspired Grill and MESH that can serve as an easy-to-get-to dinner that isn’t too far from your room.


Public art is everywhere in Spartanburg, and much of it can be enjoyed during a stroll around downtown. Spartanburg, one of the state’s first Downtown Cultural Districts, is home to 38 murals  or other public art displays, including sculptures and new functional art, providing some creative color to essential functions in the city.

Learn how Spartanburg is tied to the legendary rock group Pink Floyd and much more along the Spartanburg Music Trail, a walking tour showcasing the city’s robust musical history. The entire tour takes about 30 minutes and stops can be navigated from your phone to make the entire thing easy.

Photo Courtesy: City of Spartanburg, Spartanburg Soaring! 2019

Barnet Park isn’t currently hosting any events, but it is still open to the public if you’re looking to get your steps in during the day. The park’s walking path and spacious green space provide a good way to get some fresh air downtown.


Inside the Aug W. Smith Building, Spill the Beans offers its caffeinated twists on sweet treats. The espresso milkshake is an optimal way to get some energy from your dessert, but Spill the Beans’ menu is full of ice creams and frappes – sweet coffee drinks that are hard to beat, especially on Spartanburg’s warm summer mornings.

At Little River Coffee Bar and The Pharmacy inside the Montgomery Building, you can find locally-roasted coffee included with signature drinks like mochas, blended espresso, and much more, along with a rotating list of beverages evoking the taste of each individual season.

Bond Street Wines boasts a variety of international and local wines, with knowledgeable staff to recommend something for any taste. The shop – with in-store wine and bottles to-go available – has committed to bridging the gap between wine producers and consumers, so you don’t have to be a sommelier to appreciate their stock.

Carriage House is home to more than 500 bottles available for purchase, and a top-tier selection for anyone looking for a great bottle. If you find a bottle you like at the shop, you can buy it and have a glass poured right then and there.


Inspired by Art-Deco designs and incredible culinary creations, The Kennedy features some of the most photo-worthy dishes downtown has to offer. The restaurant embraces its high-end aesthetic, offering handmade cocktails and thoughtfully-designed, palette-delighting meals.

Hub City Scoops offers a wide variety of flavors in cups, bows and cones, including chocolate-dipped cones. So, we understand if you can’t make up your mind. Luckily, they’ve prepared for that. A brewery staple – the flight, letting customers try small samplings of multiple flavors – has gotten sweet remix of sorts with Hub City Scoops’ ice cream flights. That’s right, you can try up to four flavors at a time.

Smallcakes Spartanburg boasts 18 cupcake flavors, baked fresh every morning. There are classics like vanilla and chocolate, but also more adventurous options like lemon drop and wedding cake.

A full listing of Downtown Spartanburg’s restaurants, and online ordering links, can be found here.


From handmade, local art to the latest in fashion-forward trends to what you need to kick your next homecooked meal up a notch, downtown is a home to a plethora of shopping options.

Check out the shopping options in Downtown Spartanburg here.

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